Death, Money and Shame

March 22, 2019

Andrina Tisi, owner of www.wholelicious.com, is a health & lifestyle coach, yoga teacher & Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner based in Zurich, Switzerland.

In this episode We chat with Andrina Tisi about the shame around money and the emotional toll an inheritance can present. Andrina lost her dad when she we just 15, then her brother just a few years ago. Even though she can live comfortable from the inheritance that was left to her, she would give it all back just to spend another 5 minutes with them. ⁣

Andrina had opens about the emotions she felt around receiving an inheritance when her dad passed away and how it brought a lot of guilt and shame. We also chat about how money, regardless of circumstances, can solve problems, create problems and bring about strong emotions and feelings.

Please note that this episode contains adult language. We recommend you pop your headphones on while listening!



Feel free to connect with Andrina over on her website & social media profiles:

Website: www.wholelicious.com

Instagram: @wholelicious
Facebook: @wholelicious
Twitter: @andrinactisi

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